Help us continue to share the wonderful collections, gardens, buildings and stories in our care for generations to come.

These are unprecedented times and the Covid-19 pandemic presents a major financial threat to the future sustainability of York Museums Trust.

Working together with audiences and communities, York Museums Trust aims to inspire, to share and to care for York’s fantastic cultural heritage. But like many charities and non-profit organisations we are struggling to survive the current coronavirus pandemic.

York Museums Trust is a charity and most of our income comes from visitor admissions. We rely on this income as well as grants and charitable contributions from trusts, foundations and individuals. This income enables us to care for York's collections, share access to our facilities and to deliver our educational programmes. We recognise that this is a difficult time for many of us. However now, more than ever, the future sustainability of the Trust relies on donations to ensure we will be here for generations to come.

Together, we will ensure that we can open our doors again in the future. But we need your help.

Please donate if you can

If you are in a position to help us survive the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic we would be grateful for any donation you can make.

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